The book Reporting Refreshed – Financial Experts Speak

Reporting Refreshed – Financial Experts Speak

In this book, financial experts of 11 companies speak about their work, the role of ICT and their use of Exsion Reporting. These interviews allow you to peer over their shoulders and see what their daily work is like and which challenges they are facing.

‘Reporting Refreshed – Financial Experts Speak’ provides a unique glimpse behind the scenes of magnificent Dutch companies,  that can pride themselves on efficient and solid operational management, as well as a prosperous, mostly international market position. 

Their success stories really inspired us. Now, we are even more proud of Exsion, we hope that you will feel the same way!

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If you would like a hard copy, you can order it for € 30, excluding VAT (6 %),  plus € 3.95 for shipping. Send an e-mail to