A Better Handle on Processes, from Production to Logistics

Faster order entry, automatic administration of counter sales and timely transit of goods at all times. This and much more can be achieved with HB Construction Supply 365. This application supports all organizational processes and simultaneously provides the management information that helps you get all the grip you need.

HB Construction Supply 365

Customisations for Bulk Waste Companies and Professional Builder Merchants

HB Software develops and maintains large systems (with thousands of users) for companies that supply construction materials to the construction industry. HB Software has automated large professional builders merchants operating internationally, and supports the roll-out. In this market, our applications support bulk processes (such as cement), as well as trading of individual items (such as screws, nuts and suchlike).

Industry Solution for Sand and Gravel Companies

HB Software has put 20 years of its knowledge of business processes of sand and gravel companies in HB Construction Supply 365. HB Construction Supply 365 is a proprietary standard solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (formerly NAV), that supports the entire process of extraction, contracts, transport and storage. This solution allows sales, logistics and administrative departments to seamlessly work together. Margins made on files are known at any time of the day. Passing on surcharges (for example surcharges for oil and gas) is done automatically. In combination with Exsion Reporting, you can create any report you desire, from profit and loss accounts to debtor statements.

Features of HB Construction Supply 365 for Sand and Gravel Companies

At HB Software, it is of primal importance that extensive functionality does not interfere with application usability. We believe it is important, that everyone within your organization should be able to work within a single system, without requiring all of you to "go back to school". Would you like to know what HB Construction Supply 365 can do for you?

Delivery Agreements

You can enter delivery agreements to record agreements made with clients. For each entered rule, you can perform several calculations. From here, you can direct call-off orders and/or assignments.

Credit Control Management (CCM)

With this module, you can closely monitor the payment behaviour of your clients, and, if needed, act on outstanding purchase invoices, by scheduling follow-up calls. This module also allows you to record complaints and to monitor their progress.

Organisation Settings

The organisation settings are intended to support business processes and align various software implementation scenarios to the preferred working method. For example, you can configure tolerance values for several components, register gasoil profits, record your own costs and/or expenses and opt for automatic recording at cost.


In HB Construction Supply, purchase and sales transactions are recorded in files. There are several file types, for example, ‘Per ship’ or ‘Per Axis’, ‘Per Warehouse/Repository’, ‘Procurement’, ‘Production’ and ‘Recycling’. This allows you to retrieve the appropriate entries for each file (call-off order or assignment). Files are also used to create different reports.

Works and Projects

You can use a ‘Work’ object to link sales lots and products and automatically create tenders. It is possible to link calculations to each product, which will also be incorporated into tenders and, if mutually agreed upon, included in delivery agreements.

Gasoil Clauses and Prices

The module enables you to automatically determine the proper gasoil price in a file, based on pricing by, for example, the CBRB (in Dutch: Centraal Bureau voor de Rijn- en Binnenvaart), Bebeka, Reinplus Fiwado etc., in combination with applicable gasoil clauses.

More information about HB Construction Supply 365

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HB Construction Supply 365 Provides Solutions to Your Problems

Below, you can read about issues that customers encounter and Solutions that HB Construction Supply 365 provides.

  • I have to create a separate quotation for each client request related to the same tender

    When several parties simultaneously request a quotation for a tender, it will take a lot of work, and unclear which selling prices are offered to which client.

  • The pre-calculation must be stored separately and cannot be linked to a quotation.

    To determine the selling price, you perform a pre-calculation, in order to gain insight in the total cost price (procurement, freight and own expenses) and subsequently determine the margin. If you cannot link it to a quotation the client has already agreed to, you will have to look for it again and forward it to the administration department for proper processing.

  • I have to keep separate records of quantities purchased by clients and their prices agreed upon.

    I conclude special price agreements with clients for specific time periods and quantities. I have to check these data with every call-off order or assignment and subsequently update them separately in my Excel overview.

  • I have to open many screens or Excel worksheets to monitor a call-off order or assignment.

    If I want to monitor all relevant data (procurement, sales, own expenses) of an assignment, I have to open many screens or paste/search these data in Excel to get a complete overview.

  • I have to use a separate application to keep track of overall planning of transport and extraction equipment, there is no link with call-off orders or assignments.

    To keep track of transport planning, you will also have to enter data into an external application. When a transport has been handled, this must be entered separately in the current database.

  • I have to manually create freight invoices for captains of third-party ships.

    When I want to create a freight invoice for a captain of a third-party ship, I have to manually create and send a purchase invoice. Looking up the appropriate prices and creating the invoice often takes a lot of time. When it is sent to the captain in question, the document should have a sales invoice layout.

  • When I extract (raw) materials from a concession, I have to record quantities in a separate overview.

    When I extract (raw) materials from a concession, I have to record quantities in a separate overview.

  • Final accounting of purchase invoices takes a lot of time.

    Prior to final accounting of purchase invoices, I have to look up and verify appropriate data, such as the number of items unloaded and prices. Because of this I have insufficient control and lose a lot of time.

  • I usually record turnover for deliveries at the end of a period, but my cost price is recorded in the next period.

    Turnover is sometimes recorded in a different month than costs, resulting in accounting discrepancies, as a result of which I have to manually make a corrective entry.

HB Construction Supply 365 Solutions

Do these problems sound familiair to you?

Testimonials HB Construction Supply 365

HB Construction Supply 365 Customisation

Cement Bouw

Finding Room in Small Profit Margins

Their World

With 25 concrete plants, Cementbouw is one of the largest manufacturers of liquid concrete in the Netherlands. The majority of logistics is done in-house. Dozens of concrete trucks travel back and forth between plants and construction sites. In this market, where prices are highly sensitive and profit margins are extremely limited, you benefit from little things. 

Act Fast and Strategical

Their Challenge

For non-experts, concrete will look like it is just concrete. However, nothing could be further from the truth. All different types have been defined in European construction guidelines, which caused the tiny range in concrete prices. In addition, timing is crucial. A concrete truck that arrives late, will delay construction, whereas the contents of a truck waiting on a construction site will quickly go bad. 


A Standard Approach Will Not Do

Our Insight

Cementbouw’s work is so specific in nature, that they required a series of HB Components solutions. For example, the software can play a part in cement truck timing by facilitating interaction between on-board computers and Microsoft Dynamics. Simultaneously, accounting can be automatically done from the weighbridge. Thanks to a variety of connections between trucks, weighbridges and accounting, weighbridges themselves can actually create invoices.


Improved Profit Margins

The Result

These solutions have primarily provided Cementbouw with speed. For example, immediate insight in management information, so decisions can be made quickly. But also simple matters, such as planning travel from A to B within seconds. Each year, we still create a variety of HB Construction Supply 365 solutions for Cementbouw. Our smart interventions help ensure Cementbouw maintains its competitive edge.

HB Construction Supply 365 Industry Solution for Sand and Gravel Companies

Bouwstoffen Unie

From Source to Construction Site

Their World

Bouwstoffen Unie’s core business activity concerns construction supply ‘from source to building site’. With its own fleet of river vessels and unloading quays, spread throughout Germany and the Netherlands, they take care of the long journey of their products. On many of the building sites you encounter in the Netherlands, you will find products delivered there by Bouwstoffen Unie.

Saving Time Through The Little Things

Their Challenge

The trade in raw construction materials is quite complex. Not only do order processes calculate in cubic meters and metric tons, you will also have to reckon with price-fixing, vessel rental and even river maintenance. For bulk trading – where profit margins are already limited – it is vital that no precious time is lost on unclear order processes.

Turning Complexity into Simplicity

The Result

We frequently work with raw material suppliers and know from experience that simplifying the complexity of their trade is quite a relief. Bouwstoffen Unie keeps a file for each vessels in its administration. All vessel activities, whether you pay an unloading fee for a quay or make money on renting out a vessel, can be converted to calculation units compatible with Microsoft Dynamics and Exsion Reporting.

Time for More Important Matters

The Result

In the past, Bouwstoffen Unie controllers needed several weeks to gather information for management reports. Now, it only takes a couple of days. Through Dynamics, Exsion can be accessed from the water-side as well as the office. Bouwstoffen Unie finally has time to focus on really important matters.

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