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New Exsion Boosters for NAV and Business Central

Effectively learn online how to make your reports faster and more transparent with more data and more accuracy. Use this powerful learning method to boost your skills and reports. We recommend these shortened courses if you have already worked with Exsion for some time and/or have taken the basic training. The online booster takes 1 hour, and the costs should not be an issue: € 139 per booster, including VAT! If you book all three of them at once, you will get one for free.

You will easily recover the costs for these workshops, because you will spend less time on creating reports and reports will work faster and become much clearer!

Booster sessions are held on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. When making your reservation, please specify which day is most convenient. Upon receipt of your registration, we will contact you as soon as possible to plan your booster session(s).

We have come up with the following booster sessions for you:

Use of Methods

With this, you will learn how to retrieve grouped data from the database, which will make reports faster and more transparent. Perhaps you currently use several downloads and combine them in Excel. Using methods in downloads allows you to skip that step.


You are probably aware that you can combine various tables present within a database. With Exsion, you can further refine this process. Exsion provides several join types, allowing you to exactly retrieve the data you want with a single download. For example, in one go, you can select all customers who have not paid yet (outer join), or those who have paid already (inner join). These are just two examples of joins, we have at least five! By using joins, your reports will become faster and you will have to perform less additional work in Excel afterwards.


This online workshop is intended for the specialists among you. We have put all of our ingenuity in it. Expressions allow you to combine the power of downloads with functions, thus making your reports faster and more transparent.

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Product Training Courses

Our product training courses can be attended in several ways. The training plan is drafted in mutual consultation, taking into consideration a variety of factors, such as your knowledge level, complexity of daily tasks and your skills, as well as available time.

Klassikale training-w

In Class

A group training provided by a HB Software trainer.

on the job-w

Learn While You Work

One-on-one supervision of your daily work activities.

online 1-op1 training-w

Online One-on-One Training

Online one-on-one training through TeamViewer or Microsoft Teams (in groups of at least two persons)

online 1-op1 training-w

Online Group Training

Online group training through TeamViewer or Microsoft Teams (in groups of at least two persons)

Train de trainer-w

Train-the-Trainer Concept

We will train your company’s trainer (the key user), he/she can subsequently train you.



Through Microsoft E-learning programs.

Exsion Training Courses


Exsion NAV/Business Central On-Premises | BASIC

Basic training for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Exsion NAV/Business Central On-Premises | ADVANCED

Follow-up to the basic Exsion training



Learn to work with Exsion Business Central



Learn to work with Exsion AX

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Three Categories of Training Courses

  • Implementation: Training provided as part of an implementation. These training courses are customized, depending on your skills and wishes.
  • Abroad (at a location outside the Netherlands), for which a quote can be requested separately, by sending an e-mail to
  • Online: Through TeamViewer or Microsoft Teams (1-on-1 or group training).

Philosophy and Method

The philosophy behind our training courses is, that a brief explanation should suffice to get you started. This method works best, because the trainer can respond directly to questions from participants. Our trainers are all consultants with vast practical experience, who can help you take your skills to the next level.

Exsion Training Courses

  • Exsion NAV/Business Central On-Premises | BASIC
  • Exsion NAV/Business Central On-Premises | ADVANCE
  • Exsion Business Central CLOUD 

We provide Exsion training courses for those who want to attend training abroad. Click the ‘Training tickets’ button to book a 1-on-1 training. We will get in touch as soon as possible to schedule a date and time.

Note: Online training courses for groups can be booked upon request. Send an e-mail to

How to Register

Click on the "Training tickets" button and go to Eventbrite.

REFUND: If you are unable to attend, you cannot apply for a refund of the tuition fee. However, training courses can be scheduled on another date or transferred to someone else. To do so, please contact our office.

PAYMENT: You can pay by credit card or iDEAL. Upon request, you can also pay by invoice, for which we charge an administration fee of € 25.