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 Exsion Reporting 


Discover the power of Exsion Boosters and upgrade your reports to the future! When you purchase 3 boosters, you only pay for 2, so what are you waiting for?

💡 Learn quickly and efficiently

Enhance your reports online by adding more precision and overview. Our quick courses are perfect if you already have experience with Exsion and/or have completed the basic training. With just 1 hour of online booster, you invest in your skills and give your reports an instant boost! The cost? Only € 129,- excluding VAT per booster. And if you book all three at once, you even get 1 for free!

🕒 Fast, Faster, Fastest

Save precious time in report creation and make reports faster and more organized than ever before. Your investment in these workshops will pay off rapidly!

🗓️ Flexibility that suits you

Boosters are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Specify which day suits you best when booking. After your registration, we will contact you immediately to schedule your boosters.

Technology of the future

Become an expert in using methods. Learn to efficiently retrieve data from a database. This method saves you valuable time and ensures faster and more organized reports.

Learn joining

Combine various database tables with Exsion's advanced joins. Make selections like never before in one go. It gets a bit technical, but it's nothing you can't handle. Our trainers are happy to help you out. The results are worth it: faster reports and fewer actions in Excel.

Learn to create expressions

Boost your reporting skills to new heights and make your Exsion experience unforgettable! Sign up now and discover the future of efficient reporting. 🚀✨


Participate in an Exsion training

Sign up for an Exsion training

Contact us and send an e-mail to or call (+31) 182 580411.


Our product training courses can be attended in several ways. The training plan is drafted in mutual consultation, taking into consideration a variety of factors, such as your knowledge level, complexity of daily tasks and your skills, as well as time available.

Klassikale training-w

Classroom study

A group training provided by a HB Software trainer.

on the job-w

Learn While You Work

One-on-one supervision of your daily work activities.

online 1-op1 training-w

Online One-on-One Training

Online one-on-one training through TeamViewer or Microsoft Teams (in groups of at least two persons)

online 1-op1 training-w

Online Group Training

Online group training through TeamViewer or Microsoft Teams (in groups of at least two persons)

Train de trainer-w

Train-the-Trainer Concept

We will train your company’s trainer (the key user), he/she can subsequently train you.



Through Microsoft E-learning programs.

Exsion Training Courses


Exsion On-Premises | BASIC

Basic training for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central


Exsion On-Premises | ADVANCED

Follow-up to the basic Exsion training



Learn to work with Exsion Business Central



Learn to work with Exsion AX