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Gaining insight provides overview and opportunities

Exsion helps controllers to easily report and consolidate. Creating reports with Exsion requires a Microsoft (Dynamics) database. When consolidating, it does not matter to Exsion which software you use for your administration. In both cases, Exsion is easy to learn, flexible and fast.

Business Reporting & Financial consolidation


Exsion Business Reporting aims to make your life as a controller easier and more efficient.


Exsion Corporate automatically supports the collection and consolidation of financial data.

Features of Exsion 365 Reporting

You already work in Excel and want to use data present in the database for your report. You do not want complex and slow connections, nor do you want to wait for support. You want to proceed immediately and do it yourself. Exsion Reporting enables you to go ahead, as we designed it in such a way that you can use the Wizard to click and gather all desired data. We have implemented this for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV, AX and the Microsoft SQL database.

Simple Reporting in Excel

Exsion Reporting allows any controller to create reports.

Combine all of Your Data

You can transfer all data from your database to Excel.

Refresh Reports Infinitely

You can refresh your reports multiple times, making sure that they contain the latest data.

Fast Data Refresh

We have built Exsion Reporting in such a way, that you can effortlessly gain better insight into your company.

Create Reports After a Short Training

A one-day training is sufficient for creating most reports. This also applies to advanced users.

Security Through Authorisation

Data cannot be viewed by people for whom it is not intended.

Features of Exsion 365 Corporate

Besides financial reports, our clients often use Exsion Corporate for other purposes as well. Non-financial data, for example, the number of employees of individual operating companies are gathered and incorporated into the consolidation. Using Excel, reports can be modified and made visually appealing.

Consolidated Reports

Exsion Corporate supports the collection and verification of data.

Eliminate double entries

In order to get a good overview, there shouldn't be double counts in the result.

Proven and Secure Technology

Exsion Corporate is proven to be secure.


Exsion Corporate can be run alongside other business software.

Flexibility and Speed


Exsion Corporate is flexible, because administrators can adjust reports themselves


Gaining clear insight in how exchange differences affect reports is essential to proper reporting.

Exsion Provides Solutions to Your Problems 

Below, you can read about issues that customers encounter and solutions that Exsion 365 provides.

Business Reporting Problems
Financial Consolidation Problems

No data from Dynamics BC

I cannot access data in Dynamics Business Central(BC)

I cannot Select Data

I cannot select any data

Cutting and Pasting

I have to use cut and paste to get everything right

I Can Only Access the General Ledger Table

I can only access the general ledger table.

Hiring Expensive Consultants

I have to hire expensive consultants to change a report

Long Waiting period

Data generation takes a very long time

No Help

When I ask for help, I never get an answer or it's too late when I get one

Extensions Do Not Work

I cannot access data created by extensions

Installation is Difficult

Software installation is complex, time-consuming and prone to error



Do these problems sound familiar to you?

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Business Reporting Solutions

Exsion Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Financial Consolidation Solutions

Exion Corporate

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Testimonials Exsion

Veth Propulsion:

With Exsion we can combine the right data

Thanks to Exsion, we can closely monitor product flow within Veth and combine the right data, so required components for production can be made available to our staff sooner. This enables us to deliver when needed.

Gebroeders Blokland:

Reports Can Easily Be Changed

Exsion is very simple and user-friendly – you can easily change reports. Exsion seamlessly integrates and you can retrieve all data present in the system. The retrieve function is very easy and it just works. Afterwards, you can get started with Excel formulas. Exsion really is very well-built.

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