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HB Real Estate 365 is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Together with sector clients, HB Software has tailored the application to meet all typical demands within the real estate world. HB Real Estate already assists 30 leading real estate companies in working faster and managing daily operation more efficiently.

Standard Software for Real Estate Development

HB Real Estate 365 fits any real estate developer (commercial enterprise, investor or corporation), who wants to digitalize the development process from start to end. From calculation models that support developers when calculating the total expenditure (in Dutch: stichtingskosten or StiKo) and cash flow, up to and including administration, thus allowing them to closely monitor whether projects stay within budget and forecast.

The Standard in This Market, Due To 20 Years of Continuous Development

Invoices and documents never get lost, because they are digitalised and can be linked to a project, client or object. Risks related to projects (either individual or shared) can be made transparent to management with reports created with Exsion Reporting. HB Real Estate is used by leading developers and the standard in this market, due to 20 years of continuous development.

Features HB Real Estate 365

An Overview for Each Project

 A transparent overview of all transactions and activities of a given project, on a single page.

Reading and Processing Calculations (SKO/STIKO)

Assign budgets and estimates to a project.

Budget Monitoring

Monitoring of spending budgets, broken down by cost type and phase.

Extensive Document Approval

Approval of assignments, purchase invoices and payment runs.

Project Planning

For each project, you can enter important dates to plan future activities.

Project Division

Dividing projects in main and partial projects.


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Testimonials HB Real Estate 365


Management Information Made Insightful to Allow for Creative Processes

Real estate is something special. Long-term planning, legislation and specific calculation models demand a proprietary approach. For us, that insight resulted in our HB Real Estate product. In 2012, Blauwhoed – our client since 2002 – went live with this Dynamics NAV-based software. It has enabled Blauwhoed to adapt to its dynamic world, from blazingly fast answers to a wide variety of questions submitted by development teams to the consolidation of 100 private limited companies with just a few mouse clicks. Something to hold on to for those who want to let go of everything.


Answers That Do Not Take Time

Woonstad Rotterdam is a skilled organization. In collaboration with end users, HB Real Estate has been configured to answer a wide variety of questions. The system should provide more than needed, to enable you to make crosscuts of every project, as an answer to any question that might arise in your work. Retrieving reports can be done instantly, thus enabling Woonstad Rotterdam to meet the demands of this new era, in which housing corporations have to do more with less. Spot from distance everything that comes at you.

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HB Real Estate 365 Provides Solutions To Your Problems

Below, you can read about issues that clients encounter and solutions that HB Real Estate 365 provides.

  • I Must Open Many Windows to Gather Project Data

    When I want to see all relevant data of a project, I have to open many windows and paste the data into Excel, in order to get a complete overview.

  • I Have to Make Notes in My Agenda to Remember What to Do

    Often, you will have to write down all things you have to do in your agenda or notebook, such as handling assignments, approval of invoices, checking of entries that are overdue, and the creation of purchase invoices.

  • Transferring a Project to Another Entity is Time-Consuming and Error-Prone Problem

    When I create a partnership for a project and have to transfer the project in question to that new entity, I have to manually gather all data, reverse changes and record them in the new entity. I also have to create new assignments and obligations within the new entity. This is time-consuming and extremely error-prone.

  • Dividing a Project is Time-Consuming and Error-Prone

    When I want to divide a project into main and partial projects, it takes a lot of time to gather all entries already made and allocate them to the projects. Assignments have be adjusted, or even recreated.

  • Searching in Project Overviews

    I often have to search for my projects in project overviews.

  • Adjusting Reports Is Expensive

    Standard reports often do not or only partially meet your wishes, thus forcing you to engage your software partner(s) to change the reports in question, which is expensive.

  • Starting a Project Requires Significant Prefinancing – I Want to Impute Interest Problem

    When I want to impute interest to a project, I first have to check recorded entries and subsequently calculate interest and impute it to the project in question. That takes a lot of work.

  • Searching for Projects in Different Entities

    We have a lot of projects, divided over various entities. When I want to consult a project, I often have to search multiple entities to find out whether the project in question is part of them.

Solutions HB Real Estate 365

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