When Trading Across the Globe,

HB SmartTrade is business software for (international) trading companies, based on Microsoft Dynamics, and configured such a way that it provides insight into the complex world of trade. Everything becomes more transparent, resulting in improved time and margin management.

HB SmartTrade

HB SmartTrade was created together with key players from international trade, to respond to your most important issues. From something simple as spotting a vessel’s location with a single mouse click to something substantial, such as notifying your customers of possible delays. HP SmartTrade helps you to provide the service your customers expect.

Features of HB SmartTrade

Below, you will find a number of HB SmartTrade highlights. To give you an impression, key features are listed by functional area. In addition to these major modifications, the software also contains numerous minor updates, made based on years of experience with ERP implementations for a wide variety of customers.

Pre- and Subsequent Calculation

Prior to sending an invoice, you want to know the margins and delivery times of the products you sell. Subsequently, you would like to gain insight into margins made. HB SmartTrade will provide that to you.

Stock and Supply

You need to know about stock present at a branch, stock in transit and ordered purchased goods, to determine when you can deliver, and at what cost.

Faster Order, Warehouse and Procurement Data Entry

You have to record a lot of data and quickly. HB SmartTrade helps you expedite processes, thus allowing you to do more with the same group of people.

Faster Order, Warehouse and Procurement Data Entry Framework Agreements and Support of Procurement Organisations

For large customers, you would like to schedule when certain products should be sold or purchased.


This app perfectly supports monitoring of agreed quality standards of purchased goods

Margin Control

You would like to know what margins are made, based on expected costs, for each product, customer, contract, container, product lot or variant. HB SmartTrade will accurately provide you with those insights.

HB SmartTrade Provides Solutions to Your Problems

Below, you can read about issues that customers encounter and solutions that HB SmartTrade provides.

  • Margins Are Not Transparent

    I Do Not Know What Profit Margins Are Made on Contracts or Consignments of Goods

  • Additional Costs Incurred Afterwards Are Not reflected in Profit Margins and Cost Prices of Products

    Additional Costs Incurred Afterwards, for Example, Storage Costs for an External Warehouse Are Not reflected in Profit Margins and Cost Prices of Products

  • Getting a Realistic Picture of the Costs Involved with Placing Procurement Orders Is Very Time-Consuming

    Getting a Realistic Picture of the Costs Involved with Placing Procurement Orders Is Very Time-Consuming. I Have to Search Extensively for Costs Related to Freight, Transport, Import Duties Etc.

  • When Invoicing in Foreign Currencies, I Have to Look up Their Exchange Rate

    When Billing Incoming Purchased Goods or Related Costs in Foreign Currencies, I Always Have to Look up the Exchange Rate Against Which They or the Foreign Currencies in Question Were Purchased

  • No Overview of the Location of Containers and Their Exact Contents

    I Have No Idea of the Location of Containers and Their Exact Contents

  • Not Knowing the Exact Stock Value of Goods in Transit

    I Do Not Know the Exact Stock Value of Goods in Transit

  • Quality Management and Control Require Additional Software from Another Vendor

    I Have to Rely on Additional Software and Support from Another Vendor for Quality Management and Control of Incoming Goods

  • It Is Not Possible To Centrally Maintain Contracts and Product References for Client Groups

    Contracts and Product References Must Always Be Copied to Individual Clients and Maintained in Multiple Locations

  • No Overview of Goods to Be Delivered

    I Never Know When Exactly to Deliver Goods to Clients

  • No Overview of Products (Soon) to Be Discontinued

    Products That Are Discontinued, or Soon Will Be, Can Still Be Sold

  • Master Data Cannot Be Properly Categorised

    I Cannot Properly Categorise My Master Data, Which Makes It Harder to Create Accurate Sales Reports

  • Receipt and Delivery of Purchase and Sales Orders Is Time-Consuming

    Receiving and Delivering Purchase and Sales Orders Are Time-Consuming Administrative Activities

HB SmartTrade Solutions

Do these problems sound familiar to you? Discover HB SmartTrade’s solutions to your problems

Testimonials HB SmartTrade


Monitoring Flows of Goods Is Vital

Gloe & Zeitz is an international trading organization in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, and active as importer and distributor of preserved vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, as well as pasta, edible oils and other Mediterranean specialties.
Gloe & Zeitz has been a client of HB Software since 2006. In February 2017, the company went live with the latest version of HB SmartTrade.


Simplifying Logistics Makes the Different

Weleda production and distribution takes place at three levels: An international wholesale business, online store for private individuals and professionals and prescription-based orders, resulting in a warehouse with a mix of separate products and large pallet boards. A proper balance between production quality and smooth logistics makes all the difference for Weleda.

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As many of our products, HB SmartTrade is the result of collaboration with several key players from the international trade.

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