Exsion newsletter February 2020

Finish work faster!

Surplus motto is our goal. Everyone is busy and doesn’t feel like having to carry out all kinds of boring manual tasks. With Exsion Reporting you can save yourself a lot of work and you’ll be finished sooner. In our training courses we dot the i together with you.

Do you want to know the latest tricks and tips from us? Then book a course in March. During the course we’ll teach you how to quickly make a report according to the rules of the art, so that you can finish your work earlier the next day. Bring a colleague with you and if you buy a helpdesk subscription, your company/employer can send 1 employee free of charge to our courses*. 

* With a current maintenance and helpdesk subscription your company/employer after the first year is entitled to 1 free participant at the Exsion-basistraining. If you are not sure if you are entitled to this, please contact our office: 0182 580 411.


Especially for Exsion Reporting Business Central we have developed a training in which we discuss the specific functionality of the SAAS environment with Exsion.

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