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Exsion Corporate serves as a reliable consolidation environment for dozens of clients. Exsion Corporate automatically supports data collection and validation (budget, realization and forecasts) of operating companies and the intercompany coordination and elimination between operating companies and also generates  reports for management staff and organizational governance. This consolidation application is used by listed companies and (international) corporations.


Besides financial reports, our clients often use Exsion Corporate for other purposes as well. Non-financial data, for example, the number of employees of individual operating companies are gathered and incorporated into the consolidation. Using Excel, reports can be modified and made visually more appealing.

Consolidated reports

Exsion Corporate supports the collection and verification of data.

Proven safe technology

The effective software has been running with dozens of customers for years.

Flexibility and fast

Exsion Corporate is flexible because an administrator can adjust reports himself.

ERP independent

You can run Exsion Corporate alongside other business software.

Reporting workflow

With the reporting calendar you determine when reports are sent.


Understanding the effects of exchange rate differences in reports is essential for reporting.

Eliminate relationships

For a good impression, there should not be double counts in the result.

Project approach

HB Software helps to set up the database and helps with training.


Exsion is for making reports a no-brainer

We have been working with Exsion for over 10 years. We find the program very user-friendly. The use of Exsion for making reports and composing NAV-downloads is a no-brainer. Do it right away.

Cogentix Medical

With Exsion we can combine the right data

Thanks to Exsion, we are able to closely monitor the article flow in Veth and combine the right data so that employees can get their hands on the parts needed for production faster. This enables us to deliver when it's needed.

Veth Propulsion

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Exsion Corporate offers
solutions for your problems 

Read below what controllers encounter and what solution Exsion Corporate offers.

  • Chasing for Financial Figures

    Consolidation is hunting for numbers. View problem and solution

  • Not Flexible

    The financial consolidation is not flexible. View problem and solution

  • Excel and errors

    Excel can lead to errors. View problem and solution

  • Consolidation Package Is Slow

    The consolidation package that we use now is very slow. View problem and solution

  • Elimination not smooth

    Eliminating leads to errors and takes a lot of time. View problem and solution

  • Dealing with currencies difficult

    Due to all the different currencies, it is difficult to quantify exchange rate influences on the result. View problem and solution

  • No help

    When I ask for help, I never get a reply or arrive late. View problem and solution

  • Installation is difficult

    The installation of the software is complex, takes a long time and is error prone. View problem and solution

Your problem

Consolidation Is Chasing for Financial Figures

At the end of the month, you want to have all data of all operating companies to create a management report with a profit and loss account, as well as a balance sheet. Unfortunately, not everyone submits data timely, and also in different formats.

Different Formats

A difference in format, for example, can imply that a given operating company uses a different list of accounts, but also that rows and columns are arranged differently within Excel, thus making it a time-consuming process for group controllers to obtain financial figures, let alone analyse them.

Exsion Corporate solution

With Exsion Corporate, You Can Control the Entire Delivery Process and Standardise Reports

In Exsion Corporate you can create a variety of organisation charts, allowing you to create reports for different target audiences. For example, you can create annual accounts in accordance with the legal structure, but also management reports depending on the organisation structure, all based on the same data. In addition, the application will, at selected times, forward forms that controllers can fill in or read in automatically, thus enabling you to spend more time on analysis, instead of chasing financial figures, cutting and pasting and/or correcting.

Your problem

Financial Consolidation Is Not Flexible

The organisation continues to grow and more and more companies are added, or merged. The consolidation schedule and reporting must be adjusted, which is very time-consuming and often requires external assistance.

Exsion Corporate solution

Exsion Corporate Is Extremely Flexible

Creating a new consolidation schedule is a piece of cake. You copy the old schedule, adjust it and store it under a new name. All reports made can still be generated and financial figures can be compared by generating reports based on the old consolidation schedule.

Exsion Corporate Can Be Adjusted

Exsion Corporate contains a report builder, which you will learn to use during the training course, allowing you to create and change input forms. During implementation, you will definitely need require assistance, but afterwards, you can create most reports yourself.

Analysis Tool

You can create a report which you can generate in Excel, but also use functions to retrieve data from the database and perform operations and/or calculations, in order to create beautiful dashboards in Excel. This analysis tool is included in the delivery and we will teach you how to use it.

Your problem

Excel May Lead to Errors

If you only use Excel, it can be quite a challenge to properly distinguish different file versions. In addition, you do not have a database with properly stored data at your disposal, which makes it hard to create comparative reports.

Excel Is Not Secure

Excel is essentially open software without built-in authorisation, allowing everyone to carry on without further ado.

Excel Leads to Proliferation

With Excel, you can easily create an overview. The drawback, however, is that everyone does so, resulting in an equivalent number of versions of the truth.

Exsion Corporate solution

Exsion Corporate Cancels out the Drawbacks of Excel

With Exsion Corporate, you have the advantage of working within Excel, so you will not need additional knowledge or training. All drawbacks of Excel are cancelled out, because data are stored in a database, thus allowing you to authorise and retrieve data when desired.

Secure Excel Templates and Authorised Users

Exsion Corporate enables you to secure Excel at cell level. Furthermore, you use the app to grant users access to certain reports, allowing you to create an environment in which nobody can illegally view or modify data.

Your problem

Our Current Consolidation Package Is Very Slow

We frequently hear that consolidation packages become very slow, for example, when requesting a holding’s consolidation statement. At that moment, all financial figures of all operating companies must be used to generate a consolidated overview.

Exsion Corporate solution

Exsion Corporate Continues to Perform Well

Due to the fact that we work with an SQL Server database (the Express version, which is available free of charge, will suffice in many cases) and the computing power of Excel, Exsion Corporate continues to perform well. The way in which we have set up the application prevents dead weight when the dataset grows and different consolidation schedules are used.

Your problem

Elimination Is Error-Prone and Time-Consuming

Elimination of internal deliveries and balance sheet positions is often a time-consuming process. Often internal invoices are already recorded by one company, while they yet have to be recorded by another company, or agreements made between the companies in question are perceived differently.

Exsion Corporate solution

Exsion Corporate Supports the Entire Elimination Process

Exsion Corporate provides the opportunity to perform elimination on all hubs of an organisational structure at any given time, thus making it unnecessary to correct reports afterwards.

Exsion Corporate Provides an Overview of Unresolved Internal Entries

You can get a neat overview of which companies have not yet mutually aligned certain entries, and which controller should take action.

Your problem

The Variety of Currencies Makes It Difficult to Quantify How Exchange Rate Influences Affect Results

For organisations that operate worldwide and deal with ongoing transactions, it is no picnic to assess how exchange differences will affect results and balance sheets.

Exsion solution

Exsion Corporate Supports Currency Issues

It is possible to read in currency exchange rates by date, enabling Exsion Corporate to generate results for a variety of exchange rates, for example, in realisation scenarios, but also in comparison with a budget and/or forecast.

Your problem

When Asking for Help, I Never Get an Answer, Or Too Late

Everyone is familiar with the nuisance of having to contact a helpdesk. You are put through, will have to wait and your problem is always unique, thus making it impossible to solve quickly.

Exsion Corporate solution

You Can Call Our Helpdesk and Get an Answer Immediately

When you have a subscription, you can call our helpdesk to get an answer. Almost 90% of all issues reported we can solve directly.

Your problem

Software Installation Is Complex, Time-Consuming and Error-Prone

Some packages require a very time-consuming process to get them running on a server or tenant, due to the fact that they consist of many components that work together.  

Exsion Corporate solution

We Will Get Exsion Corporate up and Running in Half a Day

Installation of Exsion Corporate is a standard procedure, which we have carried out dozens of times and will not take more than a morning or afternoon.

Features en voordelen van
Exsion Corporate

Lees hieronder waarom controllers kiezen voor Exsion Corporate.

Creating Consolidated Financial Statements

Exsion Corporate functions as a reliable consolidation environment for dozens of clients. Exsion Corporate supports automatic data collection and verification (budget, realisation and forecast) of operating companies, intercompany coordination and the elimination between operating companies, as well as generation of reports for the board of directors and management of organisations. Quoted companies and (international) enterprises use this consolidation application.

All Reports Generated from a Single Database

Exsion Corporate takes work off your hands when entering data and/or performing a consolidation. Smart checks and validations ensure that all data retrieved from the source is correct. Upon consolidation, Excel will perform all calculations relevant to your reports. You can easily create reports yourself, so you will not need a consultant for each change you want to implement. Exsion Corporate’s flexibility – it basically is suitable for any digital source – is the reason that many clients also use the software for security reports, liquidity forecasts and environmental footprint reports.

Consolidated Balance and Profit and Loss Account

The consolidated balance and profit and loss account constitute the basic report that any client can retrieve from the system. The principle is simple: Operating companies submit their reports to the central database where they are read in, thus allowing the holding to create overviews. Reading in data into the central database can be automated in several ways.

Overview of Staff Numbers

In order to interpret financial figures, it is essential to know the extent of staff turnover. If costs increase, it is important to be able to determine whether this is caused by an increase in staff headcount or salary costs. Staff numbers are often not listed in accounting or an ERP system. With Exsion Corporate, you can easily collect these data and incorporate them into reports.

Project Reporting

Often a great deal of project data can be found in ERP software. However, in many cases clear incorporation of forecasts into an ERP system is significantly more complex. For example, what is the forecast of a project manager with respect to a given project’s yield in the months and/or years to come? These data can easily be collected with Exsion Corporate, thus establishing an overall picture of the current result of a given project, as well as its future result.

Strategic Planning

We also see, that clients attempt to look ahead into the future and draft a plan for the next five years, with the intention to closely monitor it. This can easily be done with Exsion Corporate – you can compare realisation with the budget and strategic plan, thus providing management with insight whether the strategy works or not.

Liquidity Forecast

Many companies attach importance to gaining insight into their liquidity position for the coming months. Is it necessary to apply for additional funding, or do customers suddenly pay later? With Exsion Corporate, you are clearly aware of the current and future liquidity of your organisation.

Proven and Secure Technique

Meanwhile, the software has been running stable for several years with dozens of clients. Exsion Corporate’s set-up is simple and effective. End users can only access the database by requesting reports through their Excel menu ribbon, which are subsequently sent by Outlook. This implies that users cannot login to the database, which drastically reduces the security risk.

Microsoft technology

The software is made using Microsoft technology and common Microsoft Office products (such as Excel and Outlook). The database is provided in SQL Server Express format (available free of charge). To run Exsion Corporate, you will need a relatively light server. Investments in hardware and software are limited and easily scalable. We also provide Exsion Corporate as a cloud solution.

Possibilities for Efficient Authorisation

As stated, the technique and architecture are secure, furthermore you can configure the application in such a way that users only can see data that is intended for them. Thanks to this, Exsion Corporate is an application with minimal risk of unauthorized use.

Flexibility of self-made reports

Exsion Corporate is flexible, because application administrators can adjust reports themselves, several ‘consolidation trees’ can be used’ and new companies within an organisation can be added easily.

Different Consolidation Structures

It is possible to simultaneously use several consolidation structures, as well as modify them over time. For example, a bank wants to see a report about a number of companies, while the management wants a report about the same companies, but grouped differently. Due to the fact that all data are already stored in the database, delivery of suchlike reports is very easy.

Acquisition and Sale of Companies

Organisations can change, for example, changes may occur due to acquisition or sale of companies. Exsion Corporate adapts easily.

An example
A big client of ours managed to include the acquisition of hundreds of companies in its reporting, within a month’s time.

Make Adjustments Yourself

In the project discussed in the training course you will learn how to deal with changes as a group controller. We will provide a step-by-step explanation of how to configure Exsion Corporate and create your first reports. Afterwards, you can get started on your own.

Exsion Corporate Is ERP-Independent

It does not matter which business software operating companies use, they can run Exsion Corporate simultaneously. We can automate data entry extensively by using our proprietary Open Interface or a database connection.

Open Interface

Every accounting package or ERP system has an Excel export feature, with a mapping table you can transfer all data of the accounting package in question to the right place in Exsion Corporate. The advantage is that these data are also validated by the built-in checks in the input sheet.

Database Connection

We can also create direct connections between databases. The advantage is the gain in speed, the drawback the lack of an additional check by the controller of the operating company responsible for the data submitted.

Support of Reporting Workflow: No More Chasing for Reports

The reporting calendar allows you to exactly configure which controller has to submit a given report, when a given report should be sent, who should approve a given report prior to transmission and much more.

Once you have configured Exsion Corporate, the process will take care of itself. The application takes care of data collection and transmission and the process remains transparent, because you know exactly who is still running behind and who has already delivered everything.

Currency and exchange rate differences

Gaining clear insight in how exchange differences affect reports is essential to proper reporting. Exsion Corporate supports a variety of scenarios. Exchange rates can be read in by date, thus allowing you to analyse currency fluctuations.

Elimination of Internal Relationships

For a proper overall picture of a holding’s result, it is essential that it does not contain double counting. Exsion Corporate facilitates the process of intercompany adjustment and provides exact insight in which entries have or have not been resolved mutually, whereupon elimination can be performed. This constitutes the foundation for a solid and reliable exploitation.

Project Approach

HB Software develops an initial basic reporting set (a profit and loss account and balance sheet) and helps you to configure the database. You and your colleagues will receive a two-day training in application management and form creation, after which you can get started on your own. HB Software will then step aside and provide support for creating and adjusting your own reports.

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